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amount of peers added, some wiki fixes
how to fix apt-p2p on latest python-apt
WIP on update of IBM part of resume
Further Resume updates
Update the Resume
Add the new lowercase debian tag
transition to the new bang-prefixed directives in ikiwiki 3.0
Update the apt-p2p main page and add some doc links
Update a lot of links and other Resume stuff
3rd error added
pre-tags added
Errors added
Final version of apt-p2p INFOCOM paper.
Add IBM to the Resume sidebar of jobs
Fix the non-list issue in the commit.
Updated resume to add IBM information.
Add INFOCOM submission to Graduate page publications as well.
Add INFOCOM submission to publications.
Minor resume updates.
Some resume updates.
Fix the use of spaces in link descriptions.
Fix some broken links from the ikiwiki upgrade.
Add more docs for apt-p2p.
New blog post
Only show recent blog entries to avoid spamming aggregators.
Update some papers and add the SIGCOMM poster.
Update the blog post
New blog post
New blog post.
Reword some of the interests
Grammar fixes
New blog post and tag for it.
Update last post
New blog post
Update the config file location
Updated publication list.
Update bittorrent networks paper.
Updated publication list.
Pretty print some that I missed with the last commit.
Pretty print the protocol arguments and return values.
Final (?) protocol update.
Rename the old apt-dht files to apt-p2p files.
Rename the apt-dht program to apt-p2p.
Split up find and get value in the apt-dht protocol.
Add links to some sub-pages.
Better error messages.
Clean up the token description a bit.
Fix some typos, escape the underscores.
Fix some formatting.
More work on the apt-dht protocol.
Fix a table on the apt-dht protocol page.
Clean up the formatting of the apt-dht protocol page.
Added new apt-dht protocol page.
New blog post.
Initial creation of the apt-dht Install page.
Initial creation of the apt-dht FAQ page.
Initial creation of the apt-dht page.
Add link to new Apt-DHT page.
New blog post
Remove discussion spam.
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2f5e1174 23d12c35 d5d where get
Remove blog comment spam
2f5e1174 23d12c35 d5d where get
Delete blog comment spam
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Remove blog comment spam
Remove spam discussion page.
Add response to first comment
New blog post
A few more changes to get the page layout right.
This hsould be it.
One more try.
Try again.
Try changing some messed up divs to spans.
Fix an error with last commit.
Remove more from resume print.
Remove some more from the printed resume.
Set some elements to not print, make links black for printng.
Remove the header from printed pages.
Remove sidebar from printing and add svn to resume.
Fix some errors in the previous commit.
New blog post
Add DebTorrent to the Debian page of the resume.
Add the Google Summer of Code to the resume.
Update the Graduate education details of my resume.
Fix some bad chars in the last commit.
Updated resume with new publications
Fix some dead and old links
Add suggestion for commenting
Fix up last blog post
New blog post