Well it's been a busy week. Work is truly underway, as I have just about finished the first release of debtorrent. The first step in the process, adding variable-sized pieces the size of each file, has been completed and seems to work properly. I've tested it using a single seed, and with 3 downloaders. All were able to contact each other, and all downloaded the entire archive successfully. The archive I tested it on was stable/contrib/i386, as it is only 112MB.

There's just a few more modifications to make to polish the code, and then the 0.1.0 version of debtorrent should be released in the next week. It would be out already, but I've been plagued with a cold for the last week.

I had a lengthy discussion with Anthony about the eventual need for some modifications to the apt-ftparchive program to support some of the proposed advanced debtorrent functionality. More investigation is needed on the implications of these changes, which will probably require larger Packages/Release files to be generated, and some extra computation time. To collect information about these changes and their implications, I've created a new wiki page.