This new version of DebTorrent finalizes the work I previously uploaded to experimental. This new version is the first in unstable to use unique piece numbers to create long-lived torrents for testing and unstable. It also comes with a new version of the apt-transport-debtorrent package, which can now tell APT not to cache any package files downloaded with DebTorrent, which should save some disk space for some people.

The locations of the long-lived torrent files and piece files that DebTorrent uses has also changed, as they are now hosted on my merkel page and should be more up to date. However, I was not able to get the ssh trigger for the sync from ftp-master setup, nor am I able to access the projectb database through pygresql. If anyone knows how I can get those working, please email me.

Here is the changelog for debtorrent:

  • Display the torrent identifier on the local status page rather than the info hash (Closes: #465339)
  • Add support for the new No Content message to apt-transport-debtorrent so that apt treats debtorrent sources as local
  • Make the pieces and unique piece number locations config options, and use the new ones at
  • Decompress the files needed to create torrents so they are created and started faster (this and the previous Closes: #463676)

And for apt-transport-debtorrent:

  • Add a config option to make debtorrent sources local (Closes: #477383)
  • Upgrade the recommends on debtorrent to 0.1.7.
  • Add a config file for APT to load, and a manpage describing the options.