Here's a new release of DebTorrent, containing only bug fixes.

This release fixes 2 bugs, one minor, and one serious. The serious bug would probably have caused anyone using a recent (0.7) version of APT to experience hangs with APT saying "waiting for headers". If you had this issue and you're using APT 0.7, please update to this new version. If you had this issue with an older version of APT, please report it as a bug.

Agian, if you do find any bugs or have any problems, please submit them to the DebTorrent mailing list, or come and find me (camrdale) on IRC in the #debtorrent channel on OFTC.

Here's the changelog:

  • First debian package release (again) (Closes: #428005)
  • fixed: cached HTTP 404 responses get passed properly to APT
  • fixed: downloading the same file from a previous torrent works now