Welcome! I will be posting here about the work that is underway on my Google Summer of Code project: BitTorrent Proxy for Debian Archive.

A lot of the initial discussion about the path this project will take has already occurred between myself and my mentor Anthony Towns. This has led to an inital name for the software program created by the project: debtorrent. To support the project, an Alioth project has been created, including a mailing list. All of the previous discussion has been archived to that mailing list.

A wiki page is available for contributing ideas and comments on the proposed implementation of this project.

The program will be based on the BitTornado bittorrent client. A subversion repository has been created for tracking the changes made to the client to create the debtorrent program. It currently contains the unmodified BitTornado code from version 0.3.18.

If you're interested in contributing, join the mailing list, update the wiki, or try out the experimental code in the subversion repository.